Rules :

Each line of PI is numbered and there are 50 digits on each line in blocks of five. The candidate is given a number of a line of PI and then has to either recite the line forward or backwards. Or he will be asked to name a certain digit on that line. He also may have to multiply two certain digits on different lines. The candidate has to answer 50 tests and get them all correct.

On 09 October 1999, Creighton Carvello of England was able to pass all these tests on the first 10,050 digits of PI. His attempt took place at the Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, England. Two official witnesses were present.

The following performances have not yet been verified :

G. Uday Shankar, 7,000 digits
Bishwaroop Roy Chowdhury, 4,200 digits
Professor Aitkin, 2,000 digits


Rules :

The first 10,000 digits of Pi are divided into 2,000 5-digit blocks. The testers call out one of these 5-digit sequences, and the candidate must reply with the 5-digit numbers on either side of the number chosen. This happens 50 times.

Record holders :

Kevin Horsley

14 March 2013

16 min 38.35 sec

World Record 2013

Mats Bergsten

12 Feb 2008

17 min 39 sec

World Record 2008

Mark A. Nissen

23 March 2018

20 min 17 sec

Jan Harms

27 Jul 2007

20 min 30 sec

World Record 2007

Kevin Horsley

28 Aug 1999

39 min

World Record 1999

Philip Bond


53 min

World Record 1994