Square root of Two World Ranking List

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Ranking Name Country Continent Digits Date Notes
Sharma, Anushree  India  Asia   600219 August 2018  World Record 2018; 1 hr 01 min 20 sec 
Sharma, Sunil Kumar  India  Asia   57103 June 2016  world record 2016 
Sharma, Suresh Kumar  India  Asia   563219 May 2016  world record 2016 
Sapawat, Jitesh  India  Asia   38114 August 2015  1 min 58 sec 
Wu, Meng-Hsuan  Taiwan  Asia   15019 March 2006  while juggling three balls 
Johnston, Catherine  Australia  Australia   10018 July 2015  14 min 
Lancaster, Ralph  New Zealand  Australia   30021 February 2008  both forwards and backwards 
Busboom, Gerold  Germany  Europe   91024 March 2018  4th Pi Day in Emden/while juggling 3 balls 
Yalkin, Sezin  Turkey  Europe   62921 March 2015   
Smauley, Mike  Germany  Europe   50030 August 2005  world record 2005-2006 
Steenson, Karl  Great Britain  Europe   36012 July 2007   
Belev, Ivaylo  Bulgaria  Europe   22222 March 2015  3 min 08 sec 
Bieber, Ivonne  Germany  Europe   1804 April 2004  world record 2004.2005 
Stehr, Christina  Germany  Europe   1401 April 2004   
Otto, Christian  Germany  Europe   1114 April 2004   
North America
Umile, Marc  USA  North America   554430 September 2006  world record 2006-2016 
Baio, Austin  USA  North America   102412 December 2017  9 min 11 sec; while juggling 3 balls